ask guide on the city & castle tour for details.


from the usual meeting point. (click)

Just show up. In the summer months, we recommend to eat lunch before the tour, in the winter months you can go for lunch after the tour. The tour lasts around 1 hour and finishes close the castle (open until 00:00 so you can visit on your own at night). We HIGHLY recommend having 1-2 drinks before coming to this specific tour of Bratislava


This free walking tours is unique. We did extensive research for months and we came up with 1 hour evening tour of Bratislava. We put together the really unique stories of the people living in Bratislava during the harsh medieval times.

The stories include the biggest female mass murderer in the history of the planet, the infamous plague (black death), witch hunting and more.

We visit the dark, quiet alleys without any tourists, the unique preserved city walls and the statue of the first witch burned in Bratislava.

What to do after the Free tour?


Slavin – WW2 Memorial with a great view of West Bratislava, free of charge, 1 hour return trip from the meeting/ending point of the free walking tour (Free)

Nova Trznica – Communist market hall, with good local wine 1L-2€, and very traditional meals on the 1st floor. You should use public transport and could be a nice 1 hour round trip from the meeting/ending point of the free walking tour (Free).

Old Town Hall – A complex museum of the Old town and Bratislava with the old prison and tower view. It is just around the corner from the meeting/ending point of the free walking tour (5 €).


Devin Castle – A beautiful castle at the edge of Slovakia, which is in the middle of a wine area known for Ribezlak, surrounded by Austria. Blown up by Napoleon in the 19th century and now a great place to relax! A round trip from the old-town would be around 3 hours (4 €).

Danubiana Modern Art Gallery – One of the most exclusive galleries in Central Europe at the edge of Slovakia, surrounded by Hungary. You need to use public transportation but is really worth it and will take you around 3 hours! Make sure you get a student ticket for the gallery, no card needed… (5 €)

Kamzik TV Tower – The tallest structure in Bratislava, it is even possible to see Vienna from it! A nice bar up on top with beer for 2€, also it gives you great hiking trails, if you are tired of Free Walking Tours. With public transportation could be a 3-4 hour round trip (Free).


Devin + Bunkers – Devinska kobyla is an abandoned Soviet army base in the middle of a beautiful national park, not 100% legal but it is cool and you do not have to jump fences. + Devin Castle  together can take up to 6-8 hours.

3 countries 1 day – Rent a bike under the UFO for 10 € and cycle the Danube in three different countries, something super unusual and one of the great strengths of Bratislava, can take you up to 8 hours if you want.

Svaty Jur, Pezinok, Trnava, Nitra – These are smaller towns with & wine/food/history around Bratislava with little tourism and lot of fun, can take as much time as you want.