Our Mission & Our Guides


We are young people, who love our city and would like to walk you through our history (good and bad) traditions, stereotypes, foods and favourite places through the eyes of a local!

Our team is comprised of different individuals, with different backgrounds, but with one thing in common. We are all certified guides, that have a special connection to Bratislava and Slovakia. We like talking to people and making them feel welcome.

Please keep in mind that our free walking tours are not associated with any hostel, cafe, bar or restaurant and they are solely tip based. It is our bread and beer for the day , it drives us to give you the best experience possible.

We invite you to choose a tour with us and have a great time in Bratislava!!!

Jakub “KUBO” Hanzel

Kubo has failed (but never tried) to find a “proper” job and decided to do what he likes and knows best: talk to people. After moving throughout Europe working in tourism in a few countries, he decided to come home and continue talking to people and have fun while doing it.

Vojtech “VOJTO” Vanek

Vojto is jack of all trades, master of none. From odd jobs through furnace of blacksmith to international corporation, he finally found out that tourist guide is the single best job on this planet. He loves to broaden his horizons in all directions and then annoy everyone with his smooth talk. Sometimes little chaotic, both high-spirited and cynical at the same time. He is also tireless collector of useless/weird facts, stories and statistics.

Ludovit “LUDO” Mydla

Ludo studied IT, but after some time he realized he likes talking to people more, than shouting curses at computer screens. As an individual of endangered species of tour guides, he is undergoing a strict diet and can be fed only gummy bears. Feel free, he doesn’t bite!

Patrik “PATO” Rentka

Pato was working for a big company and this did not bring him fun or joy. Always requirements, but almost never saying thank you for it. That is when he decided to switch the side… Working as a guide gives him lot of amusement. His job is actually to entertain people, sometimes cheeky but in a peaceful way….


Maria “MAJA” Kostyalova


Maria is the kind of person, who just cannot sit back and do nothing. She loves to be active and productive. She is especially excited, when she can meet and get to know new people from all over the world. Her motto is: Who doesn´t ask, stays stupid! She is a big fan of information, which are absolutely useless to know. Besides giving walking tours in Bratislava, you can meet her running next to the Danube or reading in coffee shops all around town. So if you see her somewhere, just come and say HI.


Martina “Foxy” Moravkova


If Martina is not reading an english grammar book or falling in love with a puppy on the street, she is in fact quite a tour guide! She loves people as well as her country and tourguiding has become the ideal combination of them both. Addicted to hot yoga, appreciating wine as well as beer and passionately craving for/sharing (fun)facts about the world – you sure will not be bored with her.

Matej is our Free Tour guide since 2018.

Matej “Maťo” Vojtko


We are still waiting for something funny from him to be written here.