Free 20th Century tour



Everyday at 15:30 from the usual meeting point.

You do not need to book in advance, just show up. Make sure you have water and comfortable shoes with you, as this is a 3 hour tour.


On the tour:


This free tour covers the sad stories of the Slovak people during the fascist World War 2 Slovak state (1939-1945) and the communist era in the Czechoslovakian Socialist Republic (1948-1989).


There are many unique and sad stories to be told, so they will not be forgotten. Stories including the holocaust, the uprising, fleeing over the iron curtain, and more…


Slavin War Monument, The Pyramid, Blue church, Iron Curtain, Ufo Tower, Liberty Square, the last synagogue in Bratislava.


We cover the crimes of communism and also try to explain to you the details of our socialist system.


! Please bring a 1 EURO coin with you, as we will be using public transport on this tour ( if you have a valid ticket, you do not need it ) !