Free Walking Tours - Free Walking Tours in Bratislava
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Free Walking Tours

Experience Bratislava with local guides!

17. November 2018 – National holiday – Shops will be closed !


From 1. November 2018 –
Free City & Castle Tour – Everyday 11:00 and 14:30
Free 20th Century Tour (Communism & Fascism) – Friday and Saturday at 14:30
Free Spooky Legends Tour – Friday and Saturday 19:00

During extreme weather situations, Spooky tour will be cancelled and other tours might be shortened.

Welcome to Bratislava, we really want you to feel free in town, so take advantage and discover Bratislava with our young and professional guides. You can even find our fabulous team here. We bring you great free walking tours of Bratislava through the eyes of a local, with a bit of humour, but also some sad stories. These help understand the history and the mindset of the Bratislava citizens.

We currently offer three different tours, that if combined cover around 70% of the most important sights in Bratislava and they have almost completely different itineraries. For any additional info please contact us.


Františkánske námestie, Bratislava, Slovakia (10 steps from main square, under the biggest tree behind the fountain)


Currently we operate 3 tours, Castle&City (everyday) 11:00/14:30, 20thCentury (Friday / Saturday) 14:30, Spooky (Friday / Saturday) 19:00

!There are NO tours on 24. December , 25. Dec. and 31. Dec., 1.Jan 2018!


Each tour is different. On average Castle&City 2.5H, 20thCentury 3H, Spooky 1.5H


There is no limitation to the number of tour takers, however best experience comes with group of 5-20 people and minimum required visitors for the tour to start is 4.

Please note, that our walking tours are not associated with any hostel, cafe, bar or restaurant and it is solely tip based. It is our bread and beer for the day. It drives us to give you the best experience possible.

Our poster with all necessary information:

Did you enjoy the tour? Or did not? We would appreciate your feedback on your experience with us. Please leave us a message.